Sunday, July 28, 2019

The sweetest dreams inn Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The sweetest dreams inn - Coursework Example With the objective of accomplish its mission and vision of getting superior; its services offered a well enhancing capability of its services. The industry needs a most accurate strategic plan on the basis of day to day examination of the threats faced in the business. Well-organized and efficient strategic plan requires significant declaration from the trade by way of the expenses and time. Mai Phan is attempting to make a decision to build some minor alterations in the usual method of operation in the Sweetest Dreams Inn motel. It is mainly because the current process of the Sweetest Dreams Inn motel leads to money loss. But, joining any of the novel chains will require a comprising novel capital asset that will also lead to the significant change in the motel. One of the major advent is that, it does not necessitate chief capital assets by Phan. Mai Phan, after his good career as production manager in a large industrial machinery firm, bought the 60-room motel Sweetest Dreams Inn in a tourist area. There are several types of motels in that resort area. There was heavy traffic in the interstate highway which will block the proper site of his Inn and that place is not fully developed. Mai Phan wished to promote his Sweetest Dream Inn into a very big firm. But, he knows that the strategy with him is not enough to maintain a large resort motel. He is having different ideas by visiting different motels. He found that the people are more fond of simple modern rooms with standard bath facilities, comfortable bed and free cable TVs for their recreation. Even though he felt a restaurant is difficult to manage in a motel, he was ready to give free breakfast services for his customers. After two years, Mai Phan found his occupancy rate is less compa red to the other motels. Mai Phan tried to attract the visitors by offering the motel at modest prices by avoiding the unnecessary expenses. Then also he found some

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