Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Personal Family History Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Personal Family History Assignment - Essay Example The National Geographic with its partners has taken it upon themselves to extensively provide an answer to this question. Through the ‘Human Genome Project,’ they have mjapped out a landmark undertaking to understand how different people ended up where they are today. In this study, they have found that all human beings descended from African ancestors approximately 60, 000 years ago. In essence, this is where we all started. The Genographic Project imparts details of ancient migration. Headed by Dr. Spencer Wells and his team of international scientists including IBM researchers, they have exhausted genetic computational technologies to investigate DNA patterns from participants around the globe (National Geographic Society, â€Å"A Landmark Study of the Human Journey†). What makes this interesting is the stories unraveled through the course of the project. Furthermore, public participation is encouraged where those who willingly submitted, through their DNA samples has found interesting trivia about themselves. Most of the results stunned the participants. One daughter even commented how her father who had already passed away was assured he was partly Nordic because of his blond hair and blue eyes. He was so sure that he even claimed his ancestors were Vikings. It turns out that he belongs to the haplogroup which points out that they are Phoenicians. A result so far off than what they initially thought and led to further interest among the family to continue the quest for their ancestry (The Human Family Tree Migration Stories, par. 1, 2009). Even the history of California suggests of its amalgamated history which contributes to the hodgepodge of people that inhabits it. From being a Mexican province, people never thought it would be a territorial state until 10 days prior to the Mexican Cession, James W. Marshall, a New Jersey born mechanic, together with John A.

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