Friday, October 18, 2019

Technology in Literacy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Technology in Literacy - Essay Example f civilization, as an individual can only progress if he or she has the ability to read and write, thereby gaining knowledge and experience about the dynamics of life and the world in general (Kemp 3). The definition of literacy does not stop at the ability to read and write, but extends to include the capacity of an individual to exercise all the knowledge and skills that they gain through reading and writing to shape the course of their lives, or draw up their destinies. As such, literacy becomes a flexible collection of closely linked strategies and skills to the context and purpose of learning and progress. In such a manner, technology comes in a revolutionary way to define the manner or style by which these individual acquire the capacity to read or write. The effect of technology under these considerations is whether it enables many people to acquire literacy, or spoils the same effort of literacy acquisition by exposing these individuals to knowledge and skills far beyond their understanding. In such a case, technology ends up being a pitfall rather than a ladder to the advancement of literacy in the modern world (Felderman and Vasquez 45). The research to establish the effect of technology in literacy used both qualitative, as well as, quantitative methods to discern the degree of influence. The participants in the research involved both the old and the young, in different geographical settings. A group of old men and women, both from town and from the rural settlements took part in the research, and similarly to the young boys and girls of the same age group and from different backgrounds. This enabled the researcher to collect the honest opinions of each side of the market and determine the true effects of technology in the advancement of literacy. Analysis of data was particular in establishing the level of gains made by literacy due to incorporation of technology, as well as, the negative effects of the inclusion of technology in the advancement of

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