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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Charlotte Accepting The Job Commerce Essay

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Charlotte Accepting The Job Commerce Essay The advantages of Charlotte accepting job is can focus the experience and expertise. This is because Charlotte can focus in their job that he like to do. Whereas the advantages of Charlotte accepting job is the demand on the managers time is high, ambiguous and uncertain operating environments and resistance to change is low. QUESTION 2 Explain the change in roles and skills of management that charlotte has to play and have with her position. Charlotte firstly worked as machine operator its roles just be a staff that work at lower levels her has little experience and knowledge. She had interpersonal roles work at Coccob four year and she has opportunities be a plant supervisor. She are good employees doesnt missed work at four year work and she had one of the high quality and quantity in organizations .she had the technical skill is the ability to utilize tools ,techniques and procedures that are specific to a particular fields. In additions,, charlotte had the human skill is the ability to work effectively with others and she had the conceptual skill that the ability to analyze complex situations like she can suitable with position that its take. QUESTION 3 Describe how Charlotte might expect to be involved in performances of the four management functions. Management process are an administrative activities aimed at defining a process, establishing responsibilities, evaluating process performance and identifying opportunities for improvement. Management process is including the four processes that is planning, control, leading and organization. Planning process can be define as a process or activities that setting a goal or list the actions necessary to achieve one goals. when charlotte become the plant supervisor, indirectly she has involve in planning process. This is because as a supervisor, she was responsible with the development and performances of company, where she was working. As a plant supervisor, she has to do a schedules work assignments for the junior employees to make sure the junior employees was doing their work accordingly and in systematic ways. Charlotte has to plan an schedule for her junior employees. Next process is the organizational process where the plant supervisor need to determined the task to be done, peop le or employees that responsible with that task and how that task will be managed and coordinated. Charlotte is responsible to organize the schedule or task to be given to the junior employees. Charlotte must ensure that, the information about the task must be stated clearly to the junior employees in order to make sure they can know what they really have to do. Next is, the leading process. As a plants supervisor, charlotte also have to leading the junior employees such as gives them motivate in order to make sure, the goal of the company can be archive. A leader must has the ability to motivate people, know the employee behavior and also has an communication effectiveness in order to make sure information can be shared to all of the people effectively. Charlotte also must be able to show the leadership quality and must be able to solve any problem. The last one process is control. Control can be define as process of controlling or monitoring the performance of the organization and its progress in implementing strategic and operational plans. Charlotte has to control the employees performances, in order to make sure that the performance can lead to the organization goals. QUESTION 4 How would these functions differ from the plant manager? The function between supervisor and plant manager is mostly different. It different in management process, that is planning, organizing, leading and control. Charlotte function he become a plant supervisor. This is the function of setting goals and objectives and converting them into specific plans. For a supervisor, the outcomes of planning include operating schedules, quality specifications, expense budgets, timetables, and deadlines. The planning process also establishes policies, standard operating procedures, regulations, and rules. For organizing. In performing this function, a supervisor lines up all available resources, including departmental tools, equipment, materials, and especially the workforce. It is at this stage that the organizational structure of a department is designed and its work is divided up into jobs. Thirdly, leading concept. This function gets the blood flowing in an organization. Supervisors energize the vital human resources of their department by providi ng motivation, communication, and leadership. Finally is controlling. Once departmental plans are set in motion, supervisors must periodically keep score on how well the plans are working out. To do so, supervisors measure results, compare them with what was expected, judge how important the differences may be, and then take whatever action is needed to bring results into line. Controlling is closely linked to planning, because control actions are guided by the goals established during the planning process. The function of plant supervisor is different with plant manager. A plant manager helps a companys senior management ensure that manufacturing processes are functional and adequate. The manager also supervises the work of personnel and makes sure production plans meet business requirements. Manager role, A plant manager supervises production activities and ensures that subordinates adhere to corporate policies when performing tasks. The manager also conducts staff meetings and hi res factory personnel. Secondly, operational role, A plant manager monitors production schedules and makes sure these schedules conform to corporate requirements. The manager also formulates safety policies with which factory workers must adhere when performing duties. For other considerations is an effective plant manager has a problem-solving disposition, leadership skills and deductive reasoning. Experienced plant managers often use notebook computers, operator terminals, enterprise resource planning software, and personal protective clothing. A plant manager position typically requires a bachelors degree in operations management or a related field. Cases Study two QUESTION 1 What is the source of the problem at Mr Antonios organizations? Mr Antonio is founder of AL Electronic Banking Company ,he so strike to his employees make employees feeling pressured, annoyed and mistrusted because Mr Antonio still favors his way of leaderships that his does not want his employees to socialize just work. He put cameras and other surveillance equipment together with close human supervision constitute a very controlled environment. QUESTION 2 Is Mr. Antonios style of leadership following the principle of the behavioral perspective? Mr. Antonios style of leadership is in the other side following the behavioral perspective, but in the other side again it was not followed the behavioral perspective. These is because there are many theory was made that give explanation about this behavioral perspective. Behavioral perspective can be defined as an acknowledgement about the importance of human behavior in shaping management style. It can be conclude that behavioral perspective is about study and understand the behavior of the employee in order to make it fix with the job or work given. Meaning here, that the behavioral perspective can measure the performance of the company, such as, if this one company does not focuses in the behavioral perspective about their employees, it might be lead to unstable in performance among their employees, where then would affect the company. Knowing the behavioral of the communities of that particular company, would then be easier for the manager or management team in that company to p lan an activity that suitable and can be following by the employees in order to gain the main goals. Behavioral perspective can be measure or can be define by follow some model. The first model is, through the Mary Parker Follett. Mary said that, the effective management is the harmonization among the surrounding of the work place. She felt that the manager should need to coordinate and harmonize group effort rather than force and coerce people. Mary also believes that the management is a continuous and dynamic process. Compare with what Mr. Antonia has done, such as putting the cameras all over the company, where his action cause to unharmonious of work surrounding. Second is the Elton Mayo model. Elton Mayo is the one that conducted the famous Hawthorne Experiments. Where in that Experiment state that, a productivity of one organization or company can be increased because attention was paid to the worker. Based on this model, what is Mr. Antonio doing is followed the principle of behavioral perspective. For example, he put the camera in order to look and to give fully attention to what his worker doing, but unfortunately, these put all the employees in the uncomfortable condition when in work. Next is the model of Douglas McGregor who proposed the theory of x and y. These both of this theory explain that, the theory y are more professional in doing work compare to the theory x. Theory X are more into traditional assumption and quite lazy to work and desire to work as little as can. They will work only if there have supervision. The leadership style that played by Mr. Antonio are suitable to handle the employees in generation x, because they only will do their work if there have any supervision. While , for the theory Y, it was differ from the theory X , where the theory Y are more into enjoying doing their work. These will lead to a problem, when Mr. Antonio are being using the cameras and other technologies in order to control and supervise his employees, i t would then create uncomfortable condition to generation Y, because mostly, employees in theory Y are do not like to be control. They more likely like to play when doing some work. If the control was so tight, it may be make the employees become no mood to do the job effectively. QUESTION 3 What is your view on Mr. Antonios style of managing? Based on the contents, Mr Antonios style managing is more to decide style. He do not care about other people action or reaction about the decision that have he done. He also actually be a the telling leader. This leader only tells or give construction about the works that must be done from his employees. Mr Antonio does not worry too much about the feeling or relationship within the group or his team. This is appropriate where members are new, inexperienced, lacking in confidence or need a lot of help and direction in order to get the job done. The leader should give clear directions and provide follow-up and feedback. This environment is not good if it happen in ours company or in ours teams. The works that we want do will not have a quality and we just want the work is done as what our leader wants. In same situation, Mr Antonio just give direction to his employees without ask them if they can do the work that he give. His employees is paid for do their work, not to socialize, but as a normal human, his employees need have a comfortable environment to do their work and explaination from him as a leader in that company. It also important to make sure all task or work that his employees will do is have good quality and right without any mistake when his employees do the task or project. To be a leader, it is not must to be strictly person and make his or her employees uncomfortable to her or him. It is more good, if all employees have respected from them to their leader and make their leader as a mentor or idol for them. QUESTION 4 What school of thoughts would you think to be most suitable in Mr Antonios organization? Explain School of thought that the most suitable for Mr Antonios organization is system perspective. System perspective can be viewed as a combination of three building blocks that is input, outputs and transformation process. Because of Mr Antonio;s organization are more modern by using latest technologies this system are very suitable for his company. Cases Study 3 QUESTION 1 Identify and described any three plans expressed by Texchem in the case. What way be the possible advantage or disadvantage associated with these plans? Three plan that expressed by Texchem is corporate strategic planning, functional strategic planning and business strategic planning. Corporate strategic planning involves assessing the organizations portfolio of business to determine whether an appropriate mix exists. The objective is to develop a mix of business units that meets the long-term goals of the organization. Diversification is often occurs in this plan and its occurs when an organization choose to add new business unit to its portfolio of business. Texchem also apply diversification concept whereas they add new product in their business that is plastic packaging factory for electrical and engineering equipment. Furthermore they also add up a manufacturing facility plant for surimi (minched fish meat), fishmeal (animal feed) and other aquaculture products. Secondly is functional strategic planning. Functional strategic planning specifies the production, research and development, financial, human resource management, and ma rketing activities necessary to implement the organizations corporate and business strategies. Texchem apply this plan by built five division of growth. They are industrial division, family care division, consumer division, packaging division and food division. Lastly is business strategic planning. Business strategic planning can be defined in questionnaire how each business unit in the organizations corporate portfolio will operate in its market arena?. It can be seen in Texchem Resource Bhd. where Texchem Food entered into a joint venture agreement with Myanmar-based Mascot Industries Co. Ltd to manufacture and market surimi, fishmeals, seafood sticks and aquaculture products in Myanmar. This joint venture will gain the profitability in their business. The advantages of this plan is managers can get a better coordination about their overall business. Furthermore, their business system will be more effective and efficiency. Besides that, employee also will involve in decision maki ng. This will gain input from all levels of a firm and its essential for successful planning. Other than that, this plan also encourage strategic thinking. Effective strategic thinking can be developed through training and practice. The disadvantages of the plan that apply by Texchem is demands on the managers time, ambiguous and uncertain operating environments and resistance to change. QUESTION 2 Did Texchem develop any contingency plans as part of their business expansion strategies? If so, briefly describe them. Yes, Texchem have develop contingency plans. Contingency plans is development of two or more plans each based on different conditions. In Texchem company, they have plan to sell Domestos Nomos mosquito coils to other parts of the world by tapping Unilevers vast distribution work. Texchem tapping Unilevers as a plan B to gain more profitability. QUESTION 3. What are Texchems international business expansion plans? Texchems international business expansion plans is to collaborate with the other company in different type of country. For example, Texchem has collaborate with plastic packaging factory for electrical and engineering equipment in Philippines, manufacturing facility plant in Myeil, Myanmar and coloborate with big brand company that is Unilevers. Cases Study 4 QUESTION 1 If you were given the opportunity to undertake this task, what would you do? If I was given the opportunities to take this problem, I would then try to do the same thing like what the banks board director want to do with the bank branch. I will then build the bank into a learning organization. Where learning organization mean, the employees or the bank branch develop as a result of the pressures facing modern organizations and enables them to remain competitive in the business environment. Learning organization has five main features, that is the first one is system thinking, where in system thinking, the bank branch has to study the businesses as limited objects. Learning organizations use this method of thinking when measuring their company and have information systems that measure the performance of the organization as a whole and of its various sections. Secondly, is personal mastery, that can be define as the commitment of an individual or employees to the process of learning. Individual learning is acquired through staff training and development, but le arning cannot be force to some individual that is not receptive to learning. Its was important to develop a culture where personal mastery is practiced in daily life. A branch manager might then be training be prepared to faced any changes that was made by the board of director. Thirdly is, mental model, where the individual or the branch manager tend to adopt theories, which are what are they tend to follow and use the theories or rule set by the board of director. A mental model also was an explanation of someones thought process about how something works in the real world is. Mental model can help shape behavior and set an method to solving problems to doing a tasks. Next is the shared vision. The development of share vision is important to motivate the employees, as it will create a common identity that provide focus and energy for learning. The shared vision is often succeed to against a competitor. Rapid changes in society are requiring rapid changes in educational organizatio n. The bank branchs manager has to revisit or look back into their main mission so that they not lost in order to achieve their mission. The last one of the main feature of learning organization is team learning. Team learning can be define as a process of working together to achieve a common objectives in a group. In the learning organization context, team member tend to share knowledge with each others by skills. If there is no commitment in that team, team work may fail and the mission of one organization may not be achieve. By these all feature, the bank branch can improve it capacity and will have continuously learning, adapt and change towards progress with each other QUESTION 2 What suggestion would you offer to the board of directory to ensure that the bank accomplishes its goals? I would then suggest the board of directory to uses and follow the management process in order to make sure that the bank can achieve its goals. By using the management process, such as follow the first process that is planning. In planning process, the board of director should ensure that the current decision must consider the future operating. By doing the planning process, they would know what to do next after one goal have been achieve. The planning will make their work become easier in order to accomplish its goals and the entire branch manager can know their responsibilities. Planning also provides groundwork for the organization of a wide range of organizational activities. Planning can be classified into two categories that are the first one is strategic and the second one is operational. Strategic planning is more focus on long term planning. While, operational planning are more focuses on short term actions. using this two type of planning, a board of director can plan each of their plan in a long term plan that include in five until ten years, and using the short term plan in order to achieve their goal. Next process is through the policy making, where the purpose of these policy making is ensuring that the employees was make the decision and taking any action through the guidance that has provided by the board of director. The guidance, also known as policies are statements about the direction from management and the board. From this policy making, each of the bank branch then can have consistency in their management and would not against with each other. Next process is the personnel administration. Through this process, the board of director can ensure relevant recruiting, compensation, training, and personnel development activities. A banks personnel policies and procedures are energetic to the development and link of a quality staff. Personnel administration is considered in determining how well banks are managed include the organizational struc ture. So that, by this process, the organizational structure can be organize accordingly in every bank branch. Study Cases 5 QUESTION 1 What was the vision and plans that Steven Sim developed a little before 1997 that resulted in the success of Secret Recipe in Malaysia and other countries today? Steven Sim vision is to see their company brand growth up and make people appreciate what that they have done. Besides that, they also want to change publics perception of a cake shop, where cakes only for take-away and special occasion. Although, Steven Sim plans is to took a risk in gain up their company. Steven Sim took an advantages of the lower rentals and better exposure in terms of advertising and promotions at a time when most companies consolidating. QUESTION 2 Explain the Total Quality Management practice that was implemented and contribute to the many awards that Secret Recipe had won by 1998 onwards. Total Quality Management that practice by Secret Recipe is committed an effective leaders. This is because Steven Sim as a leader use the strategic planning to organize their company. Other than that, Steven Sim also monitor and training their worker to be more expert in their job. This strategy will built a team work among Secret Recipe worker. QUESTION 3 Describe the road map that Sim has drawn up for 2005 and beyond. Road map can be defined as an organization that set up to arrive at a certain place. In Secret Recipe company, Sim hopes to tap Chinese market and beyond. This is their target that is to growth up their company by make a business relationship with other market. Cases Study 6 QUESTION 1 what moivates the foreign competitors to choose Malaysia as their manufacture? Motivates is defined as forces either internal or external to person that act as inducements or that influence action to do something .foreign competitor motivates choose Malaysia as their manufacture because of Malaysia have impressive feature such as global focus is turning toward chindia ,the combined china india market and also the Asean region. Malaysia RD sector provide good breakthrough . QUESTION 2 Do you agree that both intrinsic reward play prominent role in encouraging the Malaysians to be players at the Honnover Fair ? Discuss your answer . Yes ,I agree that both intrinsic reward play prominent role in encouraging the Malaysia to be player at the Honnover Fair because of many reason .The first reason are Malaysian should be prove as a Malaysian that can motivate foreign competitive to manufacture to countries and Malaysia is to assert its position in what is veritably a Darwinist global environment in our RD innovations .Secondly, the reason is Professor Mohd Nasir Mohammad Ibrahim,school of Chemical Science USM was displaying a nickel -plated device for use in variety of applications such as industrial production and automotive industry. Lastly are Malaysian can enter into technological partnership with western institutions and corporations that strong in subcontracting and outstanding business . Malaysian could be use the fair to tap the international markets. QUESTION 3 How a job gets to be manufactured has various approaches . Explain the impact job design has in optimizing work productivity? Job design defines as the set of tasks and activities that are grouped together to constitute a particular job positions .The jobs manufacture has various approaches and impacts on the organizing process . The impact of jobs design has in optimizing work productivity is must achieve the organizations strategic that manufacture .The organization should must complete a number of tasks and activities. The second impacts is can organize a successfully without has the mistakes it because of manager organize good of the job design by give task according the group its more specific jobs that can be done and the goal of organizations would be achieve. The lastly is job descriptions are commonly used to describe the details of the responsibilities and tasks associated with a given position. Cases Study 7. QUESTION 1 Do you believe that Niko has a legitimate complaint? Explain. Yes, I believe that Niko has legimate complaint, this is because every person or employees should given chance to promoted. Niko should be given chance to handle another job or work in other position to show that the manager has appreciate the hard work that have done by Niko along the five year he been work at the Bifuho production. In the other hand, Niko also have already show a good images along he been working in five year with Bifuho production. Its is not fair for the person or employees that have been worked hard but does not been appreciate by the company itself. The manager should not only watching or searching for someone at the outside of company to bring in, in order to fulfill the job vacant. A manager also should looking into his own employees inside the company, that has the capability and ability to handle the new position, where the employees inside the company are more trustfully than the other people outside the company. The manager should change his view into loo king for someone outside to fulfill the job vacant. More over, the old employees in that company are longer being exposed with the mission of the company, while if the manager was hired the newest employees, it might too long for them to being exposed and know about the mission of company. Furthermore, promoted also is some type of the reward from company in order to increase the motivation of their worker. I think that, Niko has the right to talk about his unsatisfied about his position, because if he just only silent without complaint, It might make his motivation become down and it could then affect the performance of the company. In addition also, without any complaint about these issues it could maybe make the manager to do the same thing with the other employees, that would then decrease their motivation to work. QUESTION No. 2 Explain the possible impact to the organization if it practical recruitment from external sources. External recruitment is promotion for and asking candidates from outside the organization to vacant jobs. External recruitment is recruitment that finding new employees outside the organization that has skilled or qualified to fulfill existing job vacancies in that organization. When a business engages in external recruitment, a human resource people might be used to facilitate the search, contact and recruitment process. There are some impact to the organization if it practical recruitment from this type of recruitment. It may include the advantages and disadvantages gain by the organization. Choosing the candidate from outside the organization might bring new ideas and insight to the organization. These is because the organization may looking into some different perspective of their employees. This is what the manager of Bifuho trying to do. They rather choose the employees outside their organization because they looking for something difference and fresh in their perspective. Peop le when working together in same environment in long time, will be harder to see any different ideas among their employees. Looking for another candidate from external recruitment also was possibly cheaper than training a professional. When an organization are hiring the professional employees, it may be expensive to pay his or her salary because of the high demand of that professional employees. But when, they hiring the newest employees, it will save cost of paying the salary. These is because the newest employees would not put a higher demand on the salary. Bifuho company might be scare to choose the experienced employees like Niko, because scare if Niko will ask for a higher salary than what he already have. Apart from that, choose an employees from external source also will force a employee from inside the organization to update their skill and knowledge in order to compete with the newest employee. This can lead to the improvement of the quality and also performance of the org anization. The external recruitment also give the negative or disadvantages impact to the organization. The selected person or candidates may be not fit with the job or organization. These may lead to unstable performance of that organization. For example job like a customer service where the employees have to deal with a people in their daily work, if the candidates is a shy person it would be hard for that employees to do their work easily. It might then reduce the performance of that organization. Apart from that, choosing employee from the external resource also lead to problem such as morale problem of the candidates that are chooses to fulfill the vacant jobs. The organization maybe do not have correct view about the behavior of that external candidates, compare with the internal recruitment, the behavior and their attitude are well known because they are already being working together in long time. A long adjustment time maybe need. For example the candidates may have to fami liarize their self in the new work surrounding. It might take a long time to adapt in new surrounding. This could affect the progression of the organization. QUESTION 3 Beside using external recruitment, what are the various methods that are the organization could use to get more talented employees. Apart from using the external recruitment to finding the best employees in order to fulfill the vacancies in one organization, there are various other method in order to find the candidates. For example, the first one is, finding the candidates among the exist employees that have in that organization. It has also known as the internal recruitment. It can be defined as looking for someone in that organization who are really qualified to fit into the job vacant. The managers are responsible to encourage their employees to apply the vacant jobs. Hiring and recruiting the former student of vocational school or universities, such as in Malaysia the Polytechnics School and also the Universities institute Technology Mara provide their student with the practical training which make their student are able to adapt with any organization after they graduate. Looking for some employees from this type of school may be easier to the organization because they does not bother to train new employees to fit the job given because the student are already being polish to do work in such industries. Other than that, the organization also can find the talented employees by asking some suggestion from the current employees to suggest someone that they known that have the abilities to fulfill the qualified work that needed by the organization. For example, the current employees of the organization may suggest his or her relatives, friends or whose they known that have the abilities and qualification to take the job vacant. It might help the organization to get talented employees because they have the strong referrer about the employees. In addition, a job fair also can meet the organization with the talented employees. On the job fair, such as the job exhibition, where all the job seekers can join the exhibition and meet with the manager, from that, the manager can choose which one candidates that have the ability and characteristic that can fulfill the job requirement. These is becaus e from the job fair, the ma

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