Saturday, September 28, 2019

I Am a Student of Nazarbayev Ntelectual School Essay

Kazakhstan is situated in Central Asia. For all Kazakhstan’s people Kazakhstan is very important, precious, beloved country, because it’s our Motherland. Our republic is washed by Caspian Sea and Aral Sea. When snow is lying in the north, fruit trees are blossomed at the foot of the mountains in the south. There are many rivers and lakes. The land in Kazakhstan is very diverse and has different types of terrains like flatlands, rock-canyons, hills, mountains and etc. The bowels of Kazakh ground is rich. We have coal, strike oil, gold, urn, lead, zinc, iron. Dombra is one of national stringed instrument. When we hear a folk air of dombra, we imagine immense steppes, free wind, and rider on dashing horse. Fifteen millions persons are lived as a united family in Kazakhstan. The population includes above one hundred twenty nationalities. Although people speak on different languages, confess different religions and have different cultures, they live in agreement. Kazakh ground is famous for her hospitableness, so why here live so different nationalities. Kazakhstan is home to a large number of talented people: Abay Kunanbaev, Mukhtar Auezov, Kanysh Satpayev, Gabit Musirepov, Saken Seyfullin, Kurmangazy, Jambyl Jabayev, among many others. When we get independent, president of new country became Nursultan Abishevich Nazarbaev. He is very wise, honest, righteous leader. Due to his diplomacy, we live in prosperity, people can speak out, the sky is always blue, and we have never wars. However I am just a teenager now, I’m planning my future, I’m dreaming to become somebody, who will develop our republic. Our work is our study, it is lying in being kind and generous, to esteem elderly persons and contemporaries, to be interested in many things. We shouldn’t leave persons in a difficult situation and without help. Of course, each person wants to be sure that his live in safe. Peace and agreement are the most important things for everybody. We are sure in our future; our president will do everything to make his nation happy. We believe him! Nation of Kazakhstan is unity. It helps to conserve peace on ancient, splendid Kazakh lands. As a result I would like to say that peace is the most important condition future prosperity. Kazakhstan is a country of big opportunities. Her development goes with great speed. Such is my Motherland: peaceable, free, rich, multinational. How we can’t love so amazing country? We pride in our history. We should devote our lives to her present for our common future.

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