Tuesday, September 24, 2019

This isn't a biogrphy, neither is it a novel, naturally, may be a Essay

This isn't a biogrphy, neither is it a novel, naturally, may be a cross between literature, sociology, and history (Annie Ernaux, a woman's story). Does this de - Essay Example The author depicts the raw emotion of writing about the events surrounding her mother and the loss of her mother, â€Å"I shall continue to write about my mother. She is the only woman who really meant something to me and she had been suffering from senile dementia for two years†(pg. 11). It is clear that the writing of her mother is therapeutic for Annie and she is doing so to some to terms with not only the death of her mother but also her relationship with her mother which was sometimes rocky. In the act of writing about her mother, Annie Emaux is keeping her alive to not only herself (Annie) but to others who will read this piece. In my opinion, it would truly be almost impossible to fabricate or fictionalize these accounts of the loss of a parent unless one had endured it first hand. If the author had wanted to fictionalize this, she most likely would have told the story from a third person perspective. Though sad, this piece is truly one that many mothers and daughters can relate to. It is not uncommon for one to lose a parent and in hind site, try to permanently categorize that parent as either a good parent or maybe a not so good parent, as Annie struggled with. It is through the grieving process that Annie comes to terms with her mother as a parent and as an individual. In conclusion, this piece was most likely not only rather accurate to the author and her memory of her mother, but also to many women who read this piece and identify with the mother-daughter relationship experienced by Annie and her mother.

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