Saturday, September 7, 2019

Mistakes in Business Start-Up Research Proposal

Mistakes in Business Start-Up - Research Proposal Example   In my case, I shunned the idea of daily record keeping, and at times I found myself having put no record of a day’s job. According to Pinson & Jinnet (2006), record keeping can be described as the backbone of the operation of any kind of business, no matter how minute the profits may seem. At one moment in my business, I found myself keeping substandard records that at times were recorded at the back of several exercise books in my office. In the long run, I could barely make out what records were of what date and which attendant did what. During the Christmas season when the sales were too high, it became exceedingly overwhelming for me to deal with the numerous clients getting into the store for new bicycles or even spare parts. It is almost obvious to indicate that my store incurred huge losses which took place as a result of double sales, and improper calculations whilst making sales. Pinson & Jinnet (2006) indicate that with proper record keeping, the entrepreneurs are able to develop a sense of accomplishment in their work, unlike entrepreneurs who do not keep records. With the feeling of having let things run on their own, has been recorded to be suicidal for businesses. In the case of businesses selling products of high demand like in the case of my business during the Christmas period, with many caregivers in need of presents for the festivity, I held the opinion that I did not manage the business right from the onset.

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