Friday, August 23, 2019

A distinctive feature of youth justice policy in the late twentieth Essay

A distinctive feature of youth justice policy in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries is the extent to which it is dominated by the politics of - Essay Example , it is impossible to rest on the past policies and has become absolutely important for government to continuously evolve better policies for the betterment of youth, and hence, the society. Youth offence has become an inglorious chapter that keeps threatening present and future both. The statement that youth policies and programmes of recent years are dominated by politics of fear is right. There are many kinds of fears in society, community, country, political circles, families and schools which are connected with youth offending and they are not without historical evidence. Every country has to develop politics of fear because youth could be destructive if not guided properly. This study has tried to locate the politics of fear in the connected policies and explore the causes leading to youth delinquency. In recent years, there has been an enormous increase in crime rate of youth, and sociologists are quick to offer reasons and causes3. Causes of youth crime, could be anything between psychological, emotional, and behavioural. Sometimes there need not be reality in it. Youth minds are absolutely fertile in imagination and most of the grievances are imagined, as we saw recently with the killer of Virginia Tech. Youth also have a problem of blaming parents, schools, teachers, governments, entire system and the entire world, but never themselves. Nevertheless, there is a psychologically affected group, which is rather rare, that blames themselves for everything, and they are not in majority. These are the people more prone to guilt and self-harming and might become suicidal. They are small in number. The usual youth offender is belligerent, fighting all alone against the entire world, teaching them a lesson, or perishing in the effort. This is the Chivalrous martyr youth offender who ha s a certain nobility in him and need not be a major threat to society if guided properly. Ordinary offender is more interested in crime, advantage, getting rich, rolling in money,

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