Saturday, August 10, 2019

Emotion and moods in organization behaviour Essay

Emotion and moods in organization behaviour - Essay Example Emotions have been proven to be a significant contributor to our daily mental life influencing the eminence of our being. Researcher and psychologists have pointed out that, emotions make life worth living to people by being making them be receptive to certain environmental stimulus (Giovann, Petrella, Blasi, Zontini, & Nolfe, 66). Emotions help as do determine what people whom we interact with feel towards us. People know how their partners feel about them by looking at their facial expression. Tonal voice is also a key determinant which helps to evaluate a human’s true feelings (Charmine, Neal, Ashkanasy & Zerbe, 46). There are two main categories of emotions. They include the complex and simple emotions. These two categories are further subdivided into positive and negative emotions. Common emotions which are normally depicted by human beings include anger love, hatred, depression, and joy and happiness etcetera. Mood Mood is an expression of emotion which is perceived to b e long lasting state. Moods can take a longer duration of time to last taking even up to a couple of days. As compared to simple emotions, moods are less intensive. Literary, when someone is in a negative emotional condition, the person is said to be in a bad mood. On the other hand, positive emotions induce good moods (Ashkanasy, Neal & Cary, 24). Sources of emotions and moods A variety of studies have been conducted to identify sources of particular emotions evoked to an individual. Positive incidents are bound to have an effect on positive mood and emotions which are positive as well. Conversely, negative occurrences influence the negative moods for those who have emotional imbalance. To make an illustration, let us consider two employees who work in a particular organization Ashkanasy, Neal & Cary, 26). Employee A has a high level of emotional stability while his counterpart B scores low. One day, both the employees are notice that there is a bonus to be granted for each of thei r sale. Soon after, their boss passes by and scolds them for no obvious reason. In this circumstance, it would be expected for the one who is mentally stable to remain solid because he focuses only on then news with helps him achieve maximum happiness Ashkanasy, Neal & Cary, 24). The news with negatively affect employee B due to his emotional disadvantage of emotional instability hence he will get demoralized that faithful day. It has been noted that some people’s emotions depends on the time of the day and day of the week. Weekdays are known to the working days where most people are busy running various errands. Nevertheless weekends are special days of the week where individual getting to relax and take a rest from their busy weekday schedule. This means that you will find a majority of people in their best mood during weekends Ashkanasy, Neal & Cary, 27). Monday is a week day that you will find a bigger section of the populace in their worst mood due to Monday blues. Early in the morning, it is expected to find many individuals lowly spirited. Our moods revive in the course of the day and a projected decrease during the evening hours. What time people go to sleep at night or what time they wake up necessary impact the level of positive implication Positive influence peaks up in the midst of when one wakes up and when one goes to bed? At work place, how well we interact is depicted in midmorning and later in the week. A couple of people

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