Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Magnetization on Voltage Using Metals and Semiconductors Lab Report

Magnetization on Voltage Using Metals and Semiconductors - Lab Report Example Analysis and DiscussionThe findings ontained from the measurements of the results of the experiment reveals a number of aspects and properties of Hall effect. For example, the results suggest that hall voltage linearly varies as a function of the magnetic field of the current carrier material. On the other hand, it was also observed that the Hall effect is the generation of voltage in the conductor, induced by the presence of magnetic field (Baumgartner, 2006,p.165) .Variation of Voltage with DistanceThe plot shown in Figure No 5 indicates variation of voltage with varying distance on the tester rig. The original value of voltage is 0.24 (without any magnetic effect). It can be observed that the voltage are effected significantly when the magnet is sufficiently close. For a distance of 20mm, the voltage value is 0.1 V which means that voltage dropped to only 20% of the original value. However, as the distance was increased, the voltage quickly regained its original value and tends to stabilize at 0.24 v when the slider is moved away. Statistical Properties of dataIn order to examine the statistical properties of the data, the mean and standard deviation of the two set of data is calculated and is shown in Table No 2. From the data, it can be observed that the two sets are fairly close to each other and there is not big difference. For most the data, the two values are exactly the same. Therefore, the experimental setup provides very precise data.

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