Sunday, August 25, 2019

Bicycling Transportation in LA Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Bicycling Transportation in LA - Research Paper Example s Angeles being a car-centric region, LACBC has become one of the bicycle advocacy non-profit organizations that are most wide-reaching and innovative in the country (Smart 190). The members of the organization have played a key role in helping the growth of cycling movements in Los Angeles. The vision of the organization is on the improvement of the existing environment in Los Angeles for the purpose of enabling safe navigation of the Los Angeles County streets for all the cyclists including the recreational, commuter, women, families and the low-income citizens. The organization accomplishes its vision in the campaigns through the assistance of the strong volunteer network from the members, and it has increased the infrastructure of the bicycle throughout the eighty-eight cities in the county. The mission of the LACBC is to build a more bike-able and better Los Angeles by bringing the various communities together with the aim of improving the quality of life in the communities. Its vision entails making Los Angeles a good place for the day by day bicycling throughout the year. People live in more vibrant, healthier communities where there is plenty of clean air and the streets both safer and quieter for everyone. More families, children, and women ride their bikes and are thankful for the opportunities they have to enjoy their city and their neighborhoods (Shi 130). All people, from various origins and cultures, are enabled to ride their bikes safely and conveniently everywhere. Above all, LACBC is bestowed with the responsibility of making policies for the bicycling events. While carrying out its duties of policy making, it encourages installation of parking lots for bicycles at locations that are visible and with high traffic at all County, State, and Federal facilities found within Los Angeles City, for the purpose of meeting or exceeding the bicycle parking standards in the City. The organization also conducts outreach to identify the needs and solutions

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