Thursday, August 8, 2019

Dyslexia Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

Dyslexia - Essay Example orld Federation of Neurology’: â€Å"Specific developmental dyslexia is a disorder manifested by difficulty learning to read despite conventional instruction, adequate intelligence, and adequate socio-cultural opportunity. It is dependent upon fundamental cognitive disabilities that are frequently of constitutional origin.† (Ariniello, 1999). Through this proposal it is hoped to analyze the learning disabilities of children such as reading, writing and spelling errors such as, mirror writing, back forward writing and so on. It is hoped to identify the link between these abilities (Alexander, & Slinger-Constant, 2004). That is how specific learning disabilities have an impact on other factors such as social factors, psychological factors or environmental factors and so on. Reading and learning are the two factors that decide the success of a child during his school career. Initially he learns to read. After that he reads to learn (Griffiths, & Snowling, 2002). As such reading is of paramount importance in the educational process. Unfortunately poor reading skills, and as a result poor learning skills, have become a stark reality for a disturbing number of children. The Institute for Global Education and Service Learning states that 40% of American children have difficulty reading or learning to read, and as many as three- quarters of pupils who are poor readers in third grade will remain poor readers in high school. The word "dyslexia" is frequently used to refer to the child who has an average or above average IQ and is reading 1 1/2 grades or more below grade level and whose reading problem is accompanied by the signs such as: Reversals of letters (Carrol, & Iles, 2006). That is children with dyslexia frequently confuse letters like b and d, either when reading or when writing, or they sometimes read (or write) words like "rat" for "tar," or "won" for "now." The primacy and immediacy of a priori and a posteriori implications of dyslexia among school children

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