Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Leadership theory skills approach Research Paper

Leadership theory skills approach - Research Paper Example What particular skills do effective leaders possess? Why do some leaders possess remarkable problem-solving skills while others do not? (Northouse, 2009, 47) In general, the researchers tried to find out the leadership aspects that bring about commendable performance in real-world organizations. Derived from the wide-ranging findings of the research, Mumford and associates (2000) developed a skill-oriented leadership approach. The approach is defined as a capability framework because it focuses on the correlation between the skills and knowledge of a leader and his/her actual performance. Leadership skills can be learned or acquired over time through practice, experience, and training (Northouse, 2009; Rowe & Guerrero, 2010). Not like the ‘great man’ theory, which states that leadership is limited to a talented and exceptional few, the skills model argues that most individuals have the potential to become great leaders. If individuals are able to learn or acquire positive outcomes from their experiences, they can develop leadership skills (Northouse, 2009, 47-48). Instead of highlighting the behavior or actions of leaders, the skills model views leadership as the skills and knowledge that facilitate successful leadership. The leadership skills approach resembles the trait model, but rather than placing emphasis on the traits of a leader, leader skills are regarded to be the most important ingredient for successful leadership. The leadership skills approach focuses on the behavior of the leader. Nevertheless, the skills approach argues that leadership behavior cannot be separated from its social setting (Daft, 2008). Furthermore, the skills approach implies that leadership capabilities are enhanced through experience. Knowledge is the core leadership capability that is talked about in skills theory (Lussier &

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