Sunday, August 18, 2019

Of Mice And Men :: Free Essay Writer

Of Mice And Men The novel ‘Of mice and men’ is set in 1930’s America. The characters suffer from this because of the Great Depression in 1929. This led to many things, for example people losing their jobs. Because of this factor the characters Lennie and George have to travel from place to place looking for a job and a place to live. Also Woman and Black rights did not exist as they were 2nd class citizens, Crook says to Lennie â€Å"Why aint you wanted† †Cause I’m black†, unlike contemporary America. Also in the 1930’s people were discriminated against because they were put before any other person wanting the job. I think the differences between 1930’s America and today’s America shows drastically in this novel by affecting the characters jobs and social lives. Lennie is a very interesting and important character in the novel; he affects all the character but mostly George. He is very forgetful, George says to Lennie â€Å"So you forgot that already did you!!!† Steinbeck uses Lennies ‘forgetfulness’ as a way to kill Curley’s wife without Lennie knowing. Also Lennie cannot take care of himself, unlike today society cannot provide help for him and if left alone him would slowly die. Also if he was left alone he would not be able to get a job because he would be discriminated against, but with the help of George he has a chance to work if he follows Georges rules, â€Å"If he sees ya work before he sees ya talk, were set†. In this quote George is telling Lennie what to do around the boss, Stienbeck makes it clear in this quote how much discrimination there is in the 1930’s. George, I think, is the main character in the novel, mainly because he controls the book by helping and telling the characters what to do. He teaches Lennie how to behave to other people, I think if Lennie weren’t there, George would be depressed and lonely, although George sometimes get annoyed with him, he thinks a lot of him and this is why he was king enough to kindly kill him. Candy is also an important character in this novel and I think she is also very clever. â€Å"Everybody wants a bit of land, not much† she understands what its like to live in a mans world. Curley’s Wife is a very depressed character because she is a 2nd class citizen and once had hopes of becoming famous, â€Å"he was gonna put me in the movies†, her dream disappeared and is now the wife of Curley’s wife and has no role and no job in the novel, she also wants children

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